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    The Czech Society of Internal Medicine is an association comprised of over 2,000 physicians and other specialists in internal medicine and its sub-disciplines, who are aware of the usefulness of broad-based education and training that enables them to adopt comprehensive insight into a patient’s condition. Members include professional staff from both hospital wards and specialists from outpatient clinics. The latter represents a large group, where ČIS has set up as part of their structure the Working Group of Outpatient Internists. The committee aims at forming the current concept of development of internal medicine, at defending the professional interests of specialists in the field, organising specialised events that serve post-graduate education in the form of Internal Medicine Days and Internal Medicine Congresses. They also provide for the journal publication, Vnitřní lékařství (”Internal Medicine”), a specialised joint periodical from the Czech and Slovak Societies of Internal Medicine.

    Our discipline, internal medicine, must also be integrated into international organisations like ISIM (the International Society of Internal Medicine) and EFIM (the European Federation of Internal Medicine) and deepen their international cooperation with their foreign counterparts (the Polish, German and Hungarian societies for internal medicine, the American College of Physicians, the American Society of Internal Medicine) including the organisation of reciprocal events. There already is very close cooperation between CIS and the Slovak Society of Internal Medicine. Colleagues interested in membership should fill in the electronic application available on the CIS website.

    Most events are financed from resources gained by the society through their activities. Our aim for the discipline of internal medicine is to find a clearly defined place within our transforming health care system.