National Program of Complex Internal Care (NPCIC)
Internal medicine as the heart of the Czech Health Care System

For committee workgroup and district consultants of CIS CLS JEP as prepared by:
R. Češka, K. Horký, L. Kotík, M. Souček, J. Václavík, J. Widimský jr.

The objective of this program is to improve the health care in our country as it stands today. This situation is characterized by an ageing population, metabolic, cardiovascular and other non-infectious
disease epidemics, and coupled by difficult economic times. A cure for this polymorbid population is offered by all-encompassing specialists using a complex approach supported by a high-quality primary care system embracing super-specialised and costly care in precisely defined situations.

Mission and Goals of the Program
The first goal of our program is to correctly identify polymorbid patients and provide them complex medical care in cooperation with general practitioners and specialists from all branches.
Great emphasis is put on early diagnosis of diseases and their risk factors, and subsequent prevention and detection of complications and polymorbidities. Acceptance of the program and its introduction to clinical practice will enable indispensable quality control of such care.

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